What do we mean by formulation? It is a word that is increasingly used in mental health, learning difficulty and forensic settings, although in fact it has been around for a while – usually described as a core skill in clinical psychology training and practice. Formulation is both simple and complex, common sense and controversial, […]

I, like many others witnessed the storm between Mind Charity and India Knight yesterday, largely with sadness.  I respect Mind an enormous amount and believe that they have done more than most to help people with mental health difficulties and raise awareness of the same issues.  I don’t know India Knight at all and haven’t […]

What do I tell my friends? (This blog was originally written for the Young Minds website – if you don’t follow them, please do) This is one of the most common issues raised in my therapy group for adolescents with mental health problems.  Not only do they have to try to overcome their difficulties which […]

This programme and some of the reaction to it on my new best friend, twitter, compelled me to write my first proper blog post. First things first, I really like Jon Richardson, he’s a funny man and seems a genuinely nice fella.  I thought he was kind and compassionate in his interviews and insightful in […]

Well, here we go.  This basically came about because of 2 things, my passionate belief in getting a more humane and helpful approach towards people who are experiencing difficulties with their emotional well-being and twitter. Being on twitter has allowed me to have discussions with a wide range of people who are at times, interesting, […]