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On Time, in MH services.

Please note: this piece refers to someone with a traumatic history. Please be careful if this may cause you distress. I’ve not written a post for some time, it’s been a little hectic after our new arrival. I simply haven’t had enough time. Work has been extremely busy, there are lots of young people who […]

Dear Professor Bhugra

This is my response to the interview in the Guardian with Professor Bhugra, the incoming President of the World Psychiatric Association.  If you haven’t read the interview, I strongly recommend it, he makes a lot of very important and relevant points in addition to being honest and humble. It’s here: I wrote a letter […]

Some reflections on Bedlam

Bedlam on Channel 4 has been the most talked about programme regarding Mental Health that I can remember.  Certainly the development of social media has had a major impact on this.  Do read @mentalcapital ‘s blog on the social media reaction for further insight into this: … I have been impressed with certain aspects of […]

Mental Health: Them and us? Thoughts on Thoughts

NOTE: This post mentions suicidal ideation and thoughts.  If this may cause you distress, please do not read on. I’m looking forward to seeing Bedlam this week on Channel 4.  My one hope is that it shows the people, not just the problems they experience.  That may just show how it’s part of human nature […]

Mental Health Stigma – Time to Change….Approach?

This is not an attack in any way on campaigns or organisations who are attempting to try to reduce stigma in Mental Health, simply a point of view.  I’m a Clinical Psychologist so I approach issues in relation to mental health with my Clinical  Psychologist hat on, I was trained in psychology then Clinical Psychology.  […]

Conduct Disorder – What’s in a name?

So today the first ever guidelines from NICE in relation to ‘Conduct Disorder’ are released See (  Also today I’ve had the chance to read some interesting insights into IAPT from @drmurphypsy on his blog and a subsequent conversation and the gist is this: IAPT is increasing the medicalisation of children.  This sounds abhorrent but […]

A response, with YoungMinds, to ‘My daughter the schizophrenic’

On 19.01.2013 the Guardian’s weekend magazine published a story entitled ‘My daughter the schizophrenic’.  I was previously aware of this little girl as I had seen the documentary ‘Born schizophrenic’.  The documentary gave me sleepless nights.  The article brought them back.  I had to respond and I am thrilled that YoungMinds (@YoungMindsUK) agreed to publish […]